Looking for something uniquely hilarious to spice up your community newspaper’s pages?

An irresistible Baby Boomer Bombshell bringing the “not so new” generation back into the spotlight?
Innovative “SHirleyshotZ” will have readers shaking with laughter!

“Shirley Best”, the iconic, campy yet charismatic, sixty something housewife, is the hilarious alter ego of nationally acclaimed author and motivational humorist, Zandra Bell.

Zandra’s successful career spans over a decade of creating comedic presentations totally customized to her clients’ profession, industry and objectives. Inspirational hilarity to enhance human potential.

These special “SHirleyshotZ” are her way of reconnecting with the countless communities she has visited across the country.

Now there can be a little bit of “Shirley” coming out to her fans every week, via your well loved community newspaper.

Everybody has had a “Shirley” in their life. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons for her demonstrated mass appeal. Her hilarious musings bear an uncanny resemblance to the common experiences of everyday living.

The weekly “SHirleyshotZ” will quickly become a new and enjoyable reason for readers to pick up your paper again and again, in anticipation of her latest wise and witty way of looking at modern society from the bittersweet baby boomer’s perspective.

Now for the first time, Shirley and her incisive hilarity can be yours on a weekly basis for an incredible time limited price!

Only $10.70 a SHirleyshotZ! That’s practically GIVING THEM AWAY!

Yes! If you purchase the entire “arsenal” of SHirleyshotZ all at once, you pay only $663.52 plus GST!
That’s 52 shots – an entire year’s worth – AND… you will get 10 EXTRA SHIRLEY SHOTS FREE!!!!!

OR you could go for a dozen and receive 5 extra SHirleyshotZ, free! All for only $359.40 plus GST.

Monthly payment plans are also available.

Humour can be a tremendously healing force in today’s stressful world.
So go on, give the gift of comedy to your public and make your weekly newspaper even more exceptional!

Here are some more samples of SHirleyshotZ that you can expect your readers to enjoy:

Photographs by Sherry Campeau Photography.