Meet Zandra Bell

Zandra Bell, author, motivational humorist, and inspirational innovator, is the driving force behind the unique infotainment company, “at wit’s end” Inspirational Hilarity, a keynote speaking venture which targets the North American business sector’s needs and objectives.

Zandra creates distinctive presentations specifically for each client’s varied corporate events by using a proven method of integrating customized consultative comedy with inspirational messages designed to raise morale, encourage teamwork, and optimize personal performance by positively addressing corporate frustrations and daily challenges.

“The amount of information you were able to learn about our strategies and processes was amazing. I think you probably speak better bankese than some of our staff do. Your ability to transform this information into humour is truly remarkable. I believe you were able to give everyone a more positive outlook on our present challenges.”


There is never an end to the need for this highly unique professional speaking service, especially in these times of economic uncertainty.

These presentations are designed to take the serious challenges and controversial issues faced by today’s corporations and, thus, their staff members, and imbue them with a positive, humorously upbeat light that will dispel bitterness and negativity.

Ultimately, through laughter, employees are inspired to cope more effectively. The fact the presentations are researched and specifically customized ensures that the right messages hit home in the right way. The end result – Inspirational Hilarity to Enhance Human Potential.

“Zandra was absolutely incredible! Her diligent research and memorization skills left everyone amazed at her ‘intimate’ knowledge of our partners and our firm. She is a fabulous entertainer and her talents truly aided in making our conference a huge success.”

Peters & Co. Ltd. – Annual Energy Conference

Working together with contact people from an organization Zandra begins by doing extensive research on their industry or profession. She then takes this knowledge and understanding and translates it into original intelligent hilarity, customized specifically to her clients’ objectives and themes. In essence she delivers her clients’ corporate messages, visions and philosophy in her own high energy professional comedic style, performing in the persona of her charmingly outlandish alter ego Shirley Best….. a campy yet charismatic sixty-something housewife, turned self avowed stress management expert, wellness guru, and certified credit card utilization consultant.

Everyone has a “Shirley” in their life. She is your mother… times ten, the person behind you in the K-Mart checkout lineup, the eccentric aunt that fuels the other relatives’ gossip, but garners their reluctant admiration for telling it like it is.

Every presentation is different because every client has different needs, and every event has different goals and objectives. They can be customized to include any relevant theme: Team Building, Stress & Wellness, Sales, Creativity & Innovation, Change Management, Personal Effectiveness, Motivation, Customer Service, Humor in the Workplace.