Zandra Bell Portfolio

Inspirational Innovator since 1995 of “at wit’s end” Customized Comedy, a one woman infotainment business experienced in researching, writing, and performing motivational humor in the work place presentations, in character for private and corporate events. Special emphasis on customizing to clients’ information and events’ themes.

Working together with contact people from an organization, Zandra does extensive research on their industry, profession or organization. She then creates and performs unique presentations designed to suit her clients’ needs. She is knowledgeable in a vast array of industries and professions, having worked with countless organizations such as Shell Canada, CIBC, Ledcor, National Research Council, just to name a few (for a more extensive list of clients, see Inspired Audiences).

Audience comments included: “Hilarious!”, “What a great way to end off the day!”,  “Very humorous woman!”,  “Awesome! And right on topic!”, “I would like a copy of her presentation to listen to on one of the bad days!”

Alberta Pharmacists’ Association

Zandra resigned from her thirteen year career as a federal government regional director with the Passport Office, to pursue her corporate comedy venture on a full time basis in 1995.

Ms. Bell was one of the successful career women interviewed for the bestseller by Barbara Thrasher and Madelon Smid, “Smart Women”, and she was honored in the Edmonton business community as a Global Television “Woman of Vision“.

Her numerous and varied talents were showcased in a segment of CBC’s “On The Road Again”. She has also been featured on WTN’s “She’s So Funny” and CBC Radio’s “Madly Off In All Directions”.

Ontario fans loved her recurring comedic role in the CBC Windsor evening news as “Shirley Best, Investigative Housewife.

Rated twice by See Magazine readers as Funniest Edmontonian, Zandra also played the comedy sidekick on the country music comedy series, Danny Hooper’s Barn Satellite Network (seen on CMT Canada).

Her life and her career have also been showcased in two different segments aired on ACCESS, The Education Station and CLT (Canadian Learning Television).


Created a cast of “characters” for stand-up and walkabout comedy engagements. Contracted for private work and various festivals including:

  1. Edmonton International Street Performers Festival
  2. Halifax International Buskers’ Festival
  3. Vancouver Comedy Festival
  4.  Nelson BC Buskers’ Festival
  5. Calgary Children’s Festival
  6.  Banff Buskers’ Festival
  7. Windsor Buskers’ Festival
  8. Waterloo Buskers’ Carnival
  9.  Busker Fest White Plains New York


  1. Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre – Edmonton, Alberta – portrayed various roles in interactive dinner theatre for five years


Theatre Ontario Acting Courses, Kingston, Ontario

Drama, Fanshawe College, London, Ontario

  1.  “Confessions Of A Baby Boomer Bombshell”
  2. “Pure Unadulterated Hot Steamin’ Shirley”
  3. “I’m Listing”
  4.  “Shirley You Jest”
  5.  “Don’t Take No For An Answer Unless it’s On A Pregnancy Test”
  6. “Shirley Best Telepersonal Confessions – I was a Middle Aged Dating Machine”
  7.  “Shirley Best Unplugged”
  8.  “Shirley Best Possessed – The Graceland Before Menopause Tour”
  9.  “Shirley Best Stands Up”
  10. “Why Can’t They Make a Pair of Pantyhose With The Crotch That Stays Where Yours Is?” her stage debut, played to sold out houses at Edmonton Fringe Festival
  1. Radio Interview with Greg Smith, The Strength Coach
  2. TV Interview with Access, CareersTV & HelpTV
  3. Co-star on “Barn Satellite Network” CMT
  4. Guest spot on WTN’s Comedy Program “She’s So Funny”
  5. Featured on CBC’s On The Road Again
  6. Created & performed on going comedy spots for CBC News Windsor Ont. as “Shirley Best, Investigative Housewife”
  7. Co-starring character on “The Lonely Chef”, a comedic cooking show filmed at Access Network, Edmonton, Broadcast in Canada, U.S. and internationally, Supervision Entertainment Inc., completed 49 episodes to date
  8.  Assorted commercials, Denny Andrews Ford, CFRN TV, Quickcard Dental Infomercial, ITV, “It’s Ours” marketing campaign, NAIT/SAIT Lottery, Dance Party Mix 4 CD
  9. Numerous comedy guest spots in connection with festivals, local art events, CFRN, ITV, Calgary 7.
  10. Comedy bit on “Rough Cutz”, CBC with host Neil Grahn
  11. Featured performer, “Madly Off In All Directions”, CBC Radio Broadcast
  12. Numerous commercials for local events, FM 105 Radio, St. Albert, Alberta Named a “Canadian Achiever” in conjunction with the radio program, “The Canadian Achievers with Dick Drew”
  13. Comedy spots for various programs, CBC Radio, Edmonton, MG 1200 Radio, Edmonton, Good Good Morning ITV, Edmonton, Breakfast Television, ASN, Halifax, Day by Day, CFRN, Edmonton, CBC Television Windsor.
  1. YWCA Woman of Distinction Award Nominee
  2. Guest Speaker – Fearless Women Day Celebrations – Toronto, Ontario
  3.  Featured Speaker eWomen Network Conference – Dallas Texas
  4. Nominee Edmonton Mayor’s Awards for the Arts
  5. Global Television “Woman of Vision” award winner
  6. Featured celebrity at Edmonton Women’s Show
  7. Victim Services Unit, Edmonton Police. Role play in crisis situations for the purpose of training victim services volunteers
  8. University of Western Ontario, London Ontario. Performed in video on sexual harassment for London Board of Educators, Ken Murch Productions
  9. Customer Service Consulting – designed comedic presentations as a training tool for various organizations and their staff based on thirteen years experience as a Regional Director in Federal Government.


I’m Listing: Musings From A Modern Middle Aged Wild Wisewoman”, by “Shirley Best”

“Laugh Your Way To Weight Loss” –Humor In The Workplace – Shirley Best – BizX Magazine-April 2011

“The Greatest Show on Girth” – “The Best of Shirley Best” – Edmonton Sun

  1. Member of Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) (2006 – present)
  2. National Speakers’ Association (NSA) –  USA (2006 – present)
  3.  International Federation for Professional Speakers (IFFPS) (2006 – present)
  4.  eWomen Network
  5. Edmonton Musicians’ Association
  6. Edmonton Arts Council
  7. Alberta Arts Touring Alliance
  8. Windsor Ontario Arts Council
  9. BC Arts Touring Alliance
  10. Ontario Contact
  1.  Received BA in French language and literature, University of Windsor