Customized Corporate Comedy

Liven up your next event

Shirley Best – a Cut Above The Rest!

Yes, when you hire this endearing top comedic celebrity, the alter ego of inspirational humorist Zandra Bell,  you don’t just get as your guest another typical women’s comedian entertainer, or mundane motivational business speaker. No, you’ll find this unique and engaging professional keynote speaker goes the extra mile, immersing herself in your corporate culture, reviewing your information to create a comedy presentation with content specifically suited to your objectives. It’s a hilarious tour de force designed to teach, to train, to uplift and unite your employees. A presentation that will not only enhance your conference or convention, but will ultimately boost staff morale and improve your business bottom line.

“I have been looking for over 20 years for a speaker who lived up to the promise to tailor their presentation. Zandra Bell is the first I have found to meet, let alone exceed those expectations.”

– Ontario Roadbuilders’ Association

The difference is in the customization

”Thoroughly researched; professionally presented; impeccable industry knowledge; extremely entertaining; and a goddess for the imaginative mind’ were just a few of the myriad positive comments made by Association members at our national conference. Shirley Best did an outstanding job of capturing audience attention, leading them to peaks of hilarity while remaining true to our industry group. Our association has a diverse membership, varied employment base and wide variation in age and professional interests. Shirley had researched them all and reached them all with the language and knowledge of a lifetime insider. Shirley is a national treasure!”

– Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals

Unlike other professional speakers who sometimes repeat a specific “set” speech on their subject matter, my presentations are created especially for the event, the audience, and the goals of my clients.

Let me familiarize you with what I mean by “customization”. This is comedy written specifically for your group, based on research that I do in advance by interviewing different individuals who serve as representatives of the “audience base.”

Based on the budget a client wishes to invest, I speak to a range of these “research facilitators”, enabling me to give you a presentation that effectively zeros in, more or less intensely, on the inner workings, interrelationships, terminology, issues, and other relevant details that reflect your group’s business culture.

The resulting presentation is not only hilarious and engaging, but motivational in nature as well, delivering inspirational messages that are, again, customized to my audience and are therefore relevant and meaningful.

Objectives of a Customized Presentation:

– Audiences experience the well documented therapeutic effects of humor and laughter on their mental as well as physical well being, which means reduced stress related issues, and increased workplace wellness and productivity.

– Boosts morale through laughter.

– Unites the group by making the individuals see they are all essentially on the same team facing similar challenges.

– Helps them look objectively, even humorously at these challenges and frustrations, and face them with a positive attitude.

– The group is left feeling valued, empowered, believing in their own abilities to better their relationships with co-workers, customers  (internal or external), and/ or superiors, and to effectively change for the better how they carry their jobs.

– Based on clients’ objectives and specific situation, customized humor can be used to teach, to heal, to sell, to promote, to influence, and to inspire.

I know the initial concept of what I offer is a bit different, and I welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally to answer any questions. It also helps in determining your organization’s goals and budget range. Once I have all the information I will propose what I can do for you to make it all come together. Every client has different needs, and every event has different goals. Some of the themes I’ve incorporated into my presentations include: Team Building, Stress & Wellness, Sales, Creativity & Innovation, Change Management, Personal Effectiveness, Motivation, Customer Service, and Humour in the Workplace.

These highly specialized hilarious “works of art” can be not only an innovative breath of fresh air, but a real morale boost, giving the gift of comedy to your group.

I look forward to the opportunity to work together with you to make your next event exceptional!

“I must compliment you on your professionalism. It was very interesting to watch you develop your knowledge base and understanding of the auction business. The tremendous amount of time and effort you spend in preparation and your ability to put this all together in one performance is amazing. One would have thought you had spent your entire life in the auction industry. I know everyone thoroughly enjoyed your show. The intellect of your humour and your ability to roll so many things into one performance is truly a gift…. left our members with a strong message about how humour can benefit us all.”

– Auctioneers’ Association of Alberta