Increase productivity by laughing!

Word Power to Inspire the Working World

Inspirational Hilarity to Enhance Human Potential

Customized Comedy

Award-winning motivational humorous, Zandra Bell, is well known on the corporate conference scene for creating original, intelligent hilarity designed to inspire and enhance human potential. Her passion and her mission, as she sees it, is to bring more positivity to the workplace.

Meet Shirley Best

So NOW is the time to learn more about the Best in the Business, the
Hilarious Shirley Best, comedic alter ego of award-winning motivational
humorist, Zandra Bell. You WILL be gaining reduced stress, improved
employee attitudes, increased productivity in the workplace, and more!

Programs done for you

You’ll find this unique and engaging professional keynote speaker goes the extra mile, immersing herself in your corporate culture, reviewing your information to create a comedy presentation with content specifically suited to your objectives. It’s a hilarious tour de force designed to teach, to train, to uplift and unite your employees.

“Seldom have I seen so many people laugh so hard… We all left those evenings with our
personal balance restored, refreshed, a little closer together than at the beginning of the
evening, and a little more ready to tackle the next challenges together”.

– Chevron Canada Resources

Zandra in Action