Zandra Bell

Inspirational Hilarity to Enhance Human Potential

Looking for something unique and original… yet effective and inspirational?

Keynote presentations created by motivational humorist Zandra Bell, performed in the guise of her endearingly outlandish alter ego, “Shirley Best”, a campy yet charismatic sixty-something housewife, turned self avowed stress management expert, wellness guru, and certified credit card utilization consultant.

Finally, you’ve found the motivational speaker
who really stands out from the crowd.

She’s a truly talented humorist

Sharing her uproariously funny insights on your relevant issues, challenges and themes, creating comedic presentations designed to uplift and encourage.

The result: clean corporate comedy customized to your specific needs.

Indulge in the Best of Shirley Best in a Book


“You have a remarkable ability to perceive and share the humour in our work relationships while respecting the depth of those relationships, and to learn and correctly use the jargon so prevalent in our industry. Your remarks consistently amazed the audience by reflecting the correct context in every situation, a challenging feat for mere mortals even after 20 years in the oil patch. Seldom have I seen so many people laugh so hard….. We all left those evenings with our personal balance restored, refreshed, a little closer together than at the beginning of the evening, and a little more ready to tackle the next challenges together.”
Chevron Canada Resources
“a superb job of research, writing and delivery that we will not soon forget”
Husky Oil
“I have been looking for over 20 years for a speaker who lived up to the promise to tailor their presentation… Shirley Best is the first to meet, let alone exceed my expectations in that regard… you displayed a familiarity with road building jargon, issues and technical detail that had my members believing that you must have spent considerable time in the industry. All customization aside, I would be remiss in not adding that your presentation was just plain hilarious. You had the audience in the palm of your hand.”
Ontario Roadbuilders’ Association
“one of the best work events we’ve ever hosted…
the talk of the lunchroom”
DOW Chemical