Corporate motivational humorist Zandra Bell is the BEST choice for your business event, or upcoming conference. Her highly researched customized comedy presentations can train, inspire, boost morale and encourage team building, providing professional long lasting value to your organization. Countless corporations across Canada have hired her as their convention keynote speaker with great success, as well as rave reviews! But don’t just take our word for it….

Accolades and Testimonials for “at wit’s end” Inspirational Hilarity


“An exceptional presentation … with a clear focus on thought provoking challenges and opportunities facing our team. Kudos for creating such a hilarious framework that clearly complemented and reinforced the core thrust and key messages of the conference – a true Business Comedy!”


“Zandra’s presentation was right on the mark with well placed humour, a personalized touch, and a powerful motivational message. She demonstrated a unique ability to take a series of mundane statistics and facts, and integrate them into a series of humorous approaches which were appropriate, wholesome, and enjoyed by the entire group.”

And the fans rave on…

“Zandra is amazing, her attention to detail and memory is tremendous. She adapted her performance based on real life company experiences. Her performance flowed smoothly, she didn’t miss a beat and had the crowds full attention, with tons of laughs. Truly a magnificent performer.”
Cenovus Energy
“Shirley’s comedy was received by our dealers over three performances. They not only found you very entertaining but were quite impressed with the depth of knowledge you exhibited for our industry and your ability to deliver the entire performance from memory. And of course, the Quebec dealers really appreciated your banter in French.”
Kubota Canada
“Incorporating witty, unexpected references to specialized terminology, Shirley can even put a humorous spin on the most technical of issues. Circulating among the banquet tables, sharing comical observations in quirky style, she may be the ultimate multi- tasker, since she has also received accolades for her chameleon-like ability to adapt to any business environment. Dynamic, delightful, Zandra Bell delivers!”
CropLife Canada
“Attendance at this function was the highest it has been. The adaptation and presentation of your researched material was hilarious, totally appropriate for the event, and, a bonus for us was that you were able to incorporate serious safety issues into a side-splitting performance. The quality of entertainment certainly exceeded all expectations with its variety and insight. I have no hesitation in recommending you to any company for any event and venue.”
Canadian Natural Resources
“Just like magic an absolutely side-splitting, hilarious tailor-made performance was created. She hit every nerve ever so slightly you couldn’t help but laugh with no one getting hurt in the process. It was absolutely perfect – my face hurt!”
Acklands Grainger
“We appreciate the challenge you had considering the various groups within our organization. Your ability to screen through these numerous and very diverse groups to find common topics was truly impressive. We commend your flair in capturing something unique from each group while still managing to entertain and include everyone alike. Thanks for a wonderful evening that helped us learn about one another and left us with light spirits with which to face the new year!”
Imperial Oil
“Zandra’s attention to detail and grasp of the seismic lingo was truly a work of art. Her hours of preparation shone through that night and clearly defined her as a professional of professionals in the comedic venue. Her performance and individual insights remain a topic of conversation over lunch and other social interactive settings in our industry. Her analogies captured the essence of our numerous industrial categories – a challenge many of our insiders haven’t accomplished yet.”
Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors
“In a tour de force of preparation, incredible memory, and superbly timed delivery, Shirley Best provided outstanding entertainment. Attendees were amazed by the knowledge displayed of both their personalities and their environment, amused by the humorous presentation, and astonished by the feat of memory displayed – even to the point of not skipping a beat to respond spontaneously during the performance.”
Alberta Medical Association
“You delivered a performance that exceeded our expectations…you were superb! We were simply amazed that you could gather the knowledge of our industry so quickly, assemble it with such skill, and deliver it with perfect timing and loaded with humour. We have heard nothing but compliments on your role as Shirley Best, which was evident when you received a spontaneous standing ovation following your performance. Thank you!”
Canada Safeway
“The obviously highly honed humour was “bang-on” in that it perfectly reflected the quirks and foibles of the Surety Industry…, certainly no small feat considering that the ‘Suretyship’ is a highly specialized and little known form of credit unique to the Construction Industry. Rest assured that I would certainly not hesitate to recommend your services to any business associate.”
AON Reed Stenhouse
“You spent many hours researching our industry… which became very evident the evening of your performance when you received a standing ovation. You were certainly one of the major highlights of our conference…”
Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
“… Thank you for your witty and energetic performance…, you helped establish an upbeat tone that carried through… Your performance has become a bit of a legend in our offices from coast to coast.”
Dillon Consulting
“Zandra’s presentation was very well received and it was evident from the laughter that they enjoyed themselves. Some comments from the participants…” “I needed a Kleenex to wipe the tears of laughter.”, “Hilarious! She was awesome!”, “Hire her again. Money well spent.”, “Bloody Brilliant!”
Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness, Capital Health Alberta

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