Booking Benefits

Some say “customized” … we really mean it!

Right from the beginning – organizing how best to use humour to enhance your event – through the entire collaborative process to the presentation itself.

Why chose motivational humorist Zandra Bell as your keynote speaker?

It’s all about the Customization – making it all work for you – No other speaker does what Zandra can do

2012 Alberta Provincial Victim Service Conference attendees share their opinion:

Wonderful · Awesome · Hilarious · Exceptional · Positive message · Thanks for being clean · Well done ·  She did a fabulous job researching VSU – so many relevant jokes from “inside” our lives · Lots of VSU/police specific terminology · Best end of the day I could have dreamed up · Best speaker ever!

These presentations are researched and specifically created to ensure that the right messages hit home in the right way. The end result – inspirational hilarity to enhance human potential.

What are the benefits to your organization?

There is never an end to the need for this highly unique, “niche” type of professional speaking service, especially in these times of economic uncertainty. These presentations are designed to take the serious challenges and controversial issues that today’s corporations and their staff members face, and imbue them with a positive, humorously upbeat light that will dispel bitterness and negativity. Ultimately, through laughter, employees are inspired to cope more effectively.

Organizations benefit because audiences experience the well documented therapeutic effects of humor and laughter on their mental, as well as physical, well being. This means reduced stress-related issues, and increased workplace wellness and productivity. Not only do these presentations provide a much needed morale boost, but the group is left feeling valued, empowered,  and united as a team, believing in their own abilities to better their relationships wiZandra Bell, Canadian motivational humorist, author, writer, professional speaker: keynote, conference, corporate, team building, comedyth co-workers, customers and superiors, and to effectively change for the better how they carry their jobs.

Why choose Zandra Bell?

Zandra’s presentations can be customized to include any relevant theme: Team Building, Stress & Wellness, Sales, Creativity & Innovation, Change Management, Personal Effectiveness, Motivation, Customer Service, Humor in the Workplace.

She is also an experienced emcee for fundraisers, auctions, and awards ceremonies, and can also be engaged as a roving character for themed comedic enhancement of any festival, private or corporate gathering. starring as any one of a hilarious galaxy of popular and approachable characters, including:

Vonda, the blonde bombshell. Mae West meets the Kremlin.

Katy deWonder, county Karaoke Queen.

Patricia Jane, the Blundering Bride.

“She is the funniest woman in the world and I thank her so much for all the research and work to bring so much laughter to all of us for every moment she was on stage.”