Referral Program

Spread the word and benefit big time…

The Best of Shirley Best
– Referrals Reward Program

Yes, I’d like to offer you a reward for being so special.  Here’s how it works.  First, I am simply inviting you to spread the word about my unique motivational customized comedy presentations.  Yes, just kindly let your friends and business colleagues know, from your experience, how one of these presentations can enhance any corporate gathering,… management meetings, safety awards, training sessions, product launches, you name it!

As you know, my business is essentially providing clean, motivational humor customized extensively to my client’s industry profession or theme.  Inspirational hilarity to enhance human potential.  No one does it like I do, in terms of research and results.  I have assimilated info and created comedy on every topic from geotechnical engineering to rust prevention to potash mining, at countless conferences.

Zandra Bell, Canadian motivational humorist, author, writer, professional speaker: keynote, conference, corporate, team building, comedyYes, just spread the word.  And then take it one step further.  Put me directly in touch with that business associate of yours who is organizing an event, and I will follow up from there.  And when I do, should they decide to contract me, I will give you 10% of my fee.  Yes I will.  For you.  Keep it, give it away to the charity of your choice.  And that’s just the beginning!  10% of the fee for simply helping out one of your corporate comrades by finding them a great motivational humorist who will do an excellent job for them.  I promise I will do you proud!

Now, of course, this is an ongoing opportunity.  Not something that’s going to interfere in your career or your life.  All I am inviting you to do is to take advantage of potential opportunities to recommend my inspirational customized humor as they come up.  Simply get others enthused, intrigued about how I can make their upcoming event exceptional.  It’s a win-win situation and the benefits just keep getting better.  Check out the pantyhose support scale below!

Just say the word and we will forward you anything you think you may need, business cards, corporate videos, but, again, I suggest you let me take care of all that.  If you have an interested individual, willing to speak with me, simply pass on their contact info and I will handle your referrals with class and finesse.

Think about it.  You come into contact with so many different people in the course of your business day, individuals affiliated with organizations holding conferences, and numerous other corporate events.  They need to know about me.  That’s where you come in and if it works out, well that’s well worth rewarding

Pantyhose Support Scale
– One Size does not fit all!

Knee High Five – first fruitful referral fishnets you 10% of the booking fee!

Reinforced Toe Hold – number two, 10% is still your due – plus 10% discount on the next at wit’s end presentation you arrange for your organization.

Super Sandalfoot Steps – now you’re on your way, number three – 20% of booking fee – plus 10% discount on the next at wit’s end presentation you arrange for your organization.

Queen Size Royal – 20/20 – number four 20% of booking fee – plus 20% discount on your next at wit’s end presentation

Out of Control Top!!! – Five or more – 20/20 %, 2 free Shirley comedy books, and I am coming to your city to take you out for dinner!

I invite you to take advantage of these opportunities
and join the Shirley Best team today!